BaySUP is a combination of a Stand Up Paddle shop, school and social club.  Our goal is for you as the customer to have an amazing first time experience on the water with us & get you riding the best quality equipment we have to offer at the lowest prices. Our team is made up of surfers, SUPers, yoga and stand up paddle instructors.

A little bit about me: I’m Dylan, the person you speak to on Facebook, phone, texts, emails etc. I’m the one who drive the white Toyota Prado towing the big trailer. I’m the one who will teach you for all your lessons & get you on the best board possible. The only reason i do this is for one simple reason… I LOVE TO SUP!! Sooo, how it all started for me. One day i was out surfing Merewether on a 11’2 x 22 Mal and there was a bloke on a home made SUP, that was Glenno Turner, anyway i stood up on the mal and copied him, he gave me the paddle and instantly i knew this was for me, caught a wave and was hooked! This was summer 2007-2008. Still in high school at this stage i couldn’t afford to buy a SUP so Glenn ended up making my dad one from a old sailboard, it was big, it was heavy and no handle.. then came the paddles… dad & i made our own, from broom sticks to adjustable alloy with canoe plastic blades.. one was even mums vacuum cleaner pipe! I ended up buying a board and really got into the surfing side, school surfing of a friday arvo, weekends and when ever. Started surfing in competitions then soon got offered a sponsorship with Maitland/ Port Stephens Toyota! Soon after that C4 waterman paddle boards & Maui Jim sunnies had offered me sponsorship too.

In 2010 i was working as a rep for C4 &  missing out on school to go hang out and surf with world champs like Tom Carroll & Travis Grant. I was running demo days up and down the coast and just loved sharing the stoke and teaching people to SUP. That’s when i knew this is what i wanted to do, teach stand up paddle boarding, compete & travel.  Since this time i have traveled to Indonesia, Mentawais, Philippines & America a number of times, competed at state & national level, currently ranked 3rd in the Hunter, came 3rd in Surfest 2015, place 2nd in Aus for juniors in 2012, attended international Surf Expo in Florida 3 times and currently sponsored by Maitland/Port Stephens Toyota, Maui Jim, Planet Fitness & team rider/ international ambassador for ECS boards.

Here’s a few pics :)
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BaySUP is the official East Coast Surfboards distributor for the Newcastle/ Port Stephens including shortboards, longboards & SUPs.
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